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Full Stack Web Development

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Projects we will build

What you'll learn?

  • Complete Frontend & Backend Development
  • Complete Database - SQL & MongoDB
  • Complete MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node)
  • Real Life and Industry Grade Projects
  • TAs for Doubt Assistance
  • LIVE sessions on how to get a job, resume, freelance, open source & more


100+ Hrs Video Lectures that cover MERN stack in detail.
Batch start date 15th February, 2024
Alternate Day Classes 

Mentorship Sessions

12+ Hours of Live Sessions on all important topics.
Course Duration - 4.5 months
Course access is for two years.

All Topics Covered

Spotify Player Replica (CSS)
Simon Says Game (JS)
Todo List App (JS)
Real-time Weather App (React & Material UI)
Airbnb (Full Stack Major Project with Deployment)
Zoom Full Stack with Video Conferencing (after batch completion)
+ More Full Stack Projects like Zerodha etc. (after batch completion)
Backend (NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL)
Databases (SQL & No SQL)
Mongo Relationships
Dive deep into Mongo
Express, Nodejs & npm
Routing, cookies & session
Middlewares deep dive
EJS Templating
MVC Architecture
Client & server side Validations
Error Handling & flash-connect
Cloudinary & MapBox with Geocoding
Deployment with Render
+ More Topics like AWS, WebRTC in Project based learning (after batch completion)
Frontend (HTML,CSS,Javascript, React)
What is Web?
Markup with HTML & JSX
Flexbox, Grid & Responsiveness
Bootstrap Layouts & Components
Frontend UI Framework - Tailwind CLI
Core JavaScript & Object Orientation
Async JS - promises, async/await
DOM & Events
Event Bubbling & Delegation
Ajax, Axios & fetch API
Functional React Components
Props & State Management
Dynamic Component Styling
Functions as Props
Hooks in React : useState, useEffect
Material UI
Custom Hooks
Supplement: Redux & Redux Toolkit
Version Control: Git & Github
Learn from the Top 1% & land high paying jobs in Web Development
Complete HTML, CSS & Javascript along with frameworks like Bootstrap & Tailwind.
Complete Express.js & Node.js. Discover APIs, templating, deployment & much more.
Advanced Frontend concepts like state, event, materialUI with React.
Learn how to build a stable, reliable database - be it relational (SQL) or non-relational (MongoDB).
Throughout this journey we'll build Industry grade Projects to get a practical & hands-one experience.
Open Source
Complete Git & Github
Learn about the world of open source and dive into concepts relating to version control.

Become the top 1%

On average our Program students are 3 times more consistent, more committed & learn from the best in the Industry.
taught by

Shradha Khapra

Co-founder, Apna College
Ex-Microsoft, Software Engineer
Ex-Microsoft, SWE
Google SPS, India 

Frequently asked questions

I don't know anything about Coding, is this batch good for me?
Yes, this batch will cover all important concepts from basic till advanced. So, there is no need to know anything about coding beforehand.
Can I enrol as a working professional?
Yes, the batch is curated to help you become a web developer with alternate day schedule, you'll be able to manage with the pace even as a working professional.
Do I need to be a Computer Science student to take up this course?
Anyone, from any background or field of study, can take up this batch and learn Full Stack Web Development.
I just completed 12th and I want to start learning coding, can I take it?
Yes, you are eligible to enrol as we will cover everything from basics to advanced. It is always better to start as early as possible. It will give you a good head start and ample time to get practical experience. 
Can I do this batch with my college classes?
Yes, it is a self-paced batch and can be done along with college classes.
Is the batch in Hindi or English?
The batch is taught in Hinglish (a mix of Hindi & English). 
What is the batch duration?
The batch duration is almost 4.5 months.
How long is the batch access?
The batch will be accessible for the duration of two years.
Will there be a Certificate of completion?
Yes, you will get a certificate after finishing the batch.
Is there a batch schedule? 
Yes, each lesson will be unlocked on alternative days so that you have ample time to learn core concepts & get hands-on experience.
Will there be projects in the batch?
Yes, the course will have many minor & major projects that will help to strengthen your concepts and you can mention in your resume/portfolio. 
What is Web Development?
It is the process of building websites for the internet. We use many websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix & many more. We will learn the process of designing, building & deploying such websites on the internet.
Why should I learn Web Development?
  • Almost all tech companies do some kind of development, thus becoming a SKILLED Full Stack Web Developer opens up a lot of jobs for you.
  • You will built projects that will give you a practical coding & development experience. These projects will be useful when you apply for internships & placements. 
  • Even if you apply for Software Engineering roles, development experience will give you an edge in the selection process.
  • You can also use your development skills to do freelancing, contribute to open source or work on building your own tech startup.
What is MERN Stack in Development?
MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React & Node. These are the 4 key technologies that will be covered in the batch. MERN is the most popular stack for web development & choice for today’s web developers.
Is there a group/community I can join after enrolling?
Yes, we will inform you about the community to join after the batch starts.
How will I resolve my doubts?
We always encourage our students to be self-sufficient in solving their problems. We'll also add you in a community with your fellow batchmates where you can interact with them & help each other. Additionally, there will be Teaching Assistants (TAs) for doubt assistance.
Will there be LIVE classes?
No, this is a recorded self-paced batch. There will be some LIVE mentorship sessions regarding resume building, open source, freelancing etc. 
What are the class timings?
The lectures will be in recorded format and uploaded according to schedule(alternate days). The timings for the Live sessions might vary which will be conveyed to students in advance.
Where will I find my batch after purchase?
You will find your batch in the My Batch section. Please note, the lectures will be visible after the batch starts on 15th Feb, 2024.
I paid but still did not receive any welcome email/unable to access my course. What to do?
First of all, don't worry as our team is available to help you.
In most of the cases this is because you filled a different email address or wrongly typed your email address while payment. In such a case please send us an email at delta@apnacollege.in with the subject "ENROLMENT ISSUE DELTA FEB24" along with your full name, phone number, payment id from Razorpay and a screenshot of your payment. 
What is the difference between Alpha & Delta Batch?
Alpha covers Java + Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA) whereas, Delta covers Full Stack Web Development.
Ideally, for good packages in tech companies you should do both as tech companies ask for both DSA and development experience in the form of projects.